Machine Competence

Why is training needed?

Poor supervision and inadequate training are the two main causes of accidents in workshops.  The law requires that all workers must receive adequate training and of course, it is good practice to ensure your employees are working safely and effectively.

Working with businesses of all sizes, we provide courses aimed at machine operators, those who assist in the machining process and those who set up, clean and maintain machines

We will only train on machines that are safe to operate

What to expect

Our machine competence training takes place at your workshop at a time that suit your needs  (including shift workers)

After demonstrating best practice and discussing the machines, workers will be given individual assessments

At the end of the training, everyone on the course will be able to

  • identify all controls and safety equipment
  • identify and adjust all guards and brakes (if fitted)
  • fit replacement blades or cutters and observed safety procedures during installation
  • set up guards within safety limits
  • set fences and stops within given tolerances
  • operate the machine in a safe manner
  • leave the machine in a safe state
  • be able to demonstrate the basic uses of the machine
  • identify permissible uses of the machine
  • identify the need for regular maintenance
  • demonstrate good housekeeping of the machine

All training meets HSE standards and PUWER regulations
What We Do
  1. CERTIFICATED Machine Competency Training
    CERTIFICATED Machine Competency Training
    WE COME TO YOUR PREMISES AND TRAIN ON YOUR MACHINES INCLUDING: dimension saw, bandsaw, band resaw, chop saw, wall panel saw, planer & thicknesser, moulding machines, pillar drill, horizontal borer, speed sander, disc & belt sander, pad sander, mortice machines, dovetail machines, finger jointers, power hand tools AND spray booths
  2. Scottish Vocational Qualifications
    Scottish Vocational Qualifications
    Furniture Making SVQ2 & SVQ3 Wood Products Manufacture SVQ2 Wood Machining SVQ2 Sawmilling SVQ2 Timber Merchants SVQ2